Psychotic Disorders Program

Psychotic Disorders Program provides care for individuals with acute exacerbations of Schizophrenia and Schizoaffective disorders as well as those with Bipolar Disorder with psychotic features.  A multidisciplinary treatment team skilled in treatment of these conditions provides a setting to manage acute symptoms as well as discussion of stressors leading to exacerbations.  Group therapies target symptom identification to help patients learn warning signs as well as coping strategies to manage persistent symptoms outside of the hospital after stabilization.  Education about psychotic disorders promotes better acceptance of the illnesses and encourages treatment adherence to help prevent future relapses and maximize functional recovery.

The treatment milieu provides support and promotes socialization while acute symptoms are addressed by expert psychopharmacologists and psychotherapists.  The patient’s medication history is reviewed to provide a treatment regimen designed to have the lowest side effect profile and lowest possible risk of future medical complications while treating symptoms efficiently.  The individual’s physical health status is assessed and monitored during the inpatient stabilization.  Expert clinicians skilled in the treatment of psychotic disorders provide individual and family therapy along with education to promote the best outcomes.  The unit social workers discuss community resources for ongoing stabilization and community integration.