Affective (Mood) Disorders Program

Gracie Square Hospital offers a specialized unit focusing on the treatment of adults with affective Disorders.  Individuals suffering from Depression and Bipolar Disorders and other conditions manifesting mood symptoms receive state of the art psychopharmacology and psychotherapy after a thorough diagnostic assessment.  Multidisciplinary treatment planning includes the treatment providers and patient for formulation of an individualized plan for care during the admission.  Individual therapy, milieu treatment, diverse groups and therapeutic activities comprise active treatment, often in addition to medication management.

 Combinations of medications and short term therapies are often the most effective approaches for these conditions.   Patients with treatment resistant symptoms or requiring complex medication regimens are often best monitored on an inpatient setting.  In addition an inpatient unit with a focus on mood disorders can address safety issues and medical monitoring.  During the stay experienced social workers discuss appropriate outpatient follow up and access to community resources to promote recovery.  Group and individual therapies on the Affective Disorders Unit draw upon principles from cognitive behavioral and dialectic behavioral techniques.  Our multidisciplinary approach in a healing, therapeutic milieu with an array of resources aims to promote wellness while providing skills for relapse prevention and return to optimal functioning.