About Us

A Family's Legacy

Located on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, Gracie Square Hospital has offered compassionate, high-quality, evidence-based behavioral health care for over 60 years. Established by Richard, Larry, and Cynthia Zirinsky in 1958, Gracie Square was built on the core concept of focusing on the individual needs of each patient. We are proud to carry on the vision and legacy of the Founding Family, and we thank the Zirinsky Family for their continued support, generosity, and involvement.

Holistic & Patient-Centered Care

Today Gracie Square Hospital is the only freestanding inpatient mental healthcare institution in Manhattan, and continues to be a leader in behavioral health. We take a holistic approach to treat each individual's mental health, employing immersive programming specially tailored to focus on the mind, body, and soul of each patient. Throughout treatment, our team collaborates with patients, their loved ones, and the networks that surround them — an approach we take to facilitate the recovery and return of our patients to their families and communities.

Award-Winning Mental Health Care

Gracie Square is consistently ranked in the top tier of behavioral health hospitals for our patient experience.

Our Culture and Values

At Gracie Square Hospital, all members of our team are guided by these core values:

Respect Treating every person in our care with dignity and respect.
Compassion and Empathy Listening, understanding, and responding to the needs and concerns of our patients and their loved ones
Quality and Excellence Continuously advancing the quality of our care to achieve the highest standards of excellence
Integrity Maintaining the highest ethical and moral standards throughout every facet of our organization
Teamwork Working collaboratively within our interdisciplinary team, partnering with the people we care for, and collaborating with their families and support systems