Leading with Quality and Compassion – Patient, Family and Caregiver Stories

My clinical team was amazing.

The staff did an excellent job of prioritizing my concern, safety, and my feelings of such in all interactions.

Best hospital food.

Excellent nurses!!

Nutritionists are very helpful and quick to cater to our needs.

My care team was nothing short of amazing. They made me feel heard and seen. I appreciated our time because it was very informative and helped me to be more calm.

Excellent nursing staff, all questions and concerns were addressed.

Group therapy was very insightful.

They really cared for us and helped us.

I really loved it here. I would give it a 10.

I attended most programs & activities and it helped me a lot. I encourage all to join. It's a huge plus for mental, emotional, spiritual & physical health.

The nursing staff made me feel heard.

I had a great stay here thank you guys so much.

I'm surprised at how great the food was.

The staff works well together and the food is really good.

I have a very good experience. Wonderful staff.

SO helpful! & very kind.

A stellar; almost familial atmosphere. I cannot express enough thanks

Enjoyed my stay here very much, thank You.

Enjoyed roof time (in the garden).

The workshops and the people that gave me the workshops -  to everyone- thank you very much for giving me tools that I can use today and always.

I loved the hospital care.

They all were very helpful when I asked for anything. Thanks great team happy to be here.

I feel safe in the hospital.

Thank you for looking out for me

I felt there needed to be an option higher than 'very good' when it comes to the level of care from my social worker, *Sam. He went above and beyond for me and I am grateful for HIS EFFORTS.

Excellent, above & beyond.

I felt very tranquil in this specific hospital.

The staff made me feel safe and seen. This was much needed. They care for the patients.

I really liked the community setting. The staff treated everyone so well. I'm very grateful.

Staff is very kind & accommodating. Everything was great.

Groups CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) very helpful.

They taught me coping skills to prepare for discharge.

This place is heaven - thank you.

They really listen & care.

They didn't judge me and listened.

The nurses are phenomenal, and I love everyone's energy here.

Overall excellent care and attention to patient care.

Excellent care from wonderful people.