Crisis Stabilization Program

The Crisis Stabilization Program at Gracie Square Hospital provides short term hospitalization for adults with acute presentations or exacerbations of psychiatric syndromes.  The service offers diagnostic assessment and treatment for the full range of mental health conditions including mood and anxiety disorders, post-traumatic stress disorders and others.  Individuals requiring a safe and supportive environment for assessment and symptom relief are under the care of a multidisciplinary team.  Prompt and thorough psychiatric and medical evaluations help to focus the goals of treatment.

Staff members collaborate to provide comprehensive care in an acute treatment setting for rapid symptom relief.  Individual therapy is available to help patients identify life stressors.  Our group and therapeutic activity program is suitable for a diverse patient population.  Successful return to the family and community, as well as prior work, educational and leisure activities, is the goal of the program.  Therefore, discharge planning begins soon after a patient is admitted to tailor appropriate aftercare and to help patients access the most appropriate services to continue treatment as needed.