Older Adult Program

The Older Adult Program or Geriatric Service is designed to treat individuals 65 and older with primary psychiatric disorders requiring acute inpatient treatment.  Expert psychiatric, medical, clinical and nursing staff members evaluate each patient’s physical and psychological condition to stabilize acute problems.  The dedicated and compassionate multidisciplinary teams provide patients with individualized care plans designed to maintain improvements achieved on the unit.  Our inpatient treatment and aftercare planning involve psychiatric and non-psychiatric medication management, psychotherapeutic interventions, community resources and assistance with benefits and placement as needed. 

Individuals with all psychiatric diagnoses are accepted for treatment including patients with exacerbation of mood and psychotic disorders as well as those with Dementia of Alzheimer’s or Vascular types exhibiting behavioral and affective symptoms.  Referrals are screened prior to admission and during the admission process by nursing and medical providers to ensure that medical needs can be safely managed on the unit.  

Professionals trained in the needs of the geriatric population collaborate with patients and their families to formulate an individualized comprehensive treatment plan.  Treatment modalities include medication, the therapeutic milieu, as well as individual and group therapies.  Safe and effective use of medications in older adults often requires gradual introduction of medications to accommodate increased medical and neurological sensitivity.   Psychiatrists and Internists on this unit are also knowledgeable about co-morbid medical conditions manifesting psychiatric symptoms or requiring careful attention to drug interactions.  Staff provides comprehensive education about diagnosis, prognosis and medication management. Social workers experienced with the older adult population assess the patient’s aftercare plan carefully to ensure a safe setting for continued treatment in the community.