Visiting Policy

Visiting Hours

In light of the improving COVID-19 trends in our communities, we are modifying our visitation policy effective Thursday, October 6, 2022 in order to promote the important role that family members and visitors play in a patient’s healing process while balancing the need to maintain a safe environment for all. We ask that you take steps to fully implement these new guidelines. We will continually evaluate the actions needed to help protect our staff, patients and other visitors, and will adjust our guidelines accordingly in order to promote the safety and well-being of all.

Please keep in mind that individuals under our care participate in treatment throughout the day. If a patient is engaged in a group activity, please return for your visit at a different time.

Checking In

The safety of the individuals under our care is our utmost priority. Therefore, we ask that all visitors check in with hospital staff upon arrival and allow them to inspect all packages and other items before your visit. Visitors will be asked to store items not allowed on the unit, such as cell phones and laptops. Secured lockers are offered as a courtesy during visits. Please do not hesitate to ask a staff member if you are uncertain if an item is safe. What might be safe for your loved one might not be safe for others on the unit.

Food on Patient Units

Meals are provided to all patients and prepared internally by our kitchen and dining staff. Food is not permitted to be eaten in patient rooms; rather, we serve meals in a community dining setting. Clinical dietitians are readily available and menus are tailored to each individual patient's needs. Due to limited storage capacity, we ask that unless there are religious reasons, visitors limit bringing food into the hospital, and if needed, please bring only enough for one visit and sitting (during designated visiting hours).

Items Not Permitted on Patient Units

Importantly, we ask that visitors refrain from giving any individual on the unit the following items, as these may cause serious harm or injury on an inpatient psychiatric unit:

Note: A patient’s own tweezers, nail clippers, or crochet hook may at times be part of the unit sharp count and signed out by patient for use if deemed clinically appropriate.

Smoking Policy

Gracie Square Hospital is a smoke-free environment. Our treatment team can support a patient’s smoking cessation efforts and/or provide nicotine replacement.