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    Treatment Team

Gracie Square Hospital  
420 East 76th Street   
New York , NY 10021  

Treatment Team
Below is a full description of our comprehensive approach to treatment.

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The Multidisciplinary Treatment Team  

The Multidisciplinary Treatment Team
A Multidisciplinary Treatment Team, trained in the special needs of each population, is integral to each patient's care. Each patient receives an individualized Treatment Plan, based upon evaluation and assessments from the members of the Treatment Team.

The Attending Psychiatrist:
Each patient has a primary physician who is a Board Certified Psychiatrist with demonstrated expertise in the treatment area. The Psychiatrist is the Team Leader, and is directly responsible for designing a Comprehensive Treatment Plan to adress the acute, short-term, and long-term psychiatric problems presented by the patient. The Psychiatrist coordinates the treatment efforts of the rest of the Team.

The Primary Medical Physician:
Each patient is also provided with a Primary Care Physician. Following thorough physical and neurological examinations, the Primary Physician orders relevant diagnostic testing, determines existing medical conditions, and designs treatment strategies which are implemented and carefully monitored.

The Psychiatric Nurse Specialist:
Each patient is assigned a primary Nurse, who is a specialist in the particular needs of these patients. The Nurse administers medications, aids in hygiene, and provides education and support for the patient and involved family members.

The Psychiatric Social Worker:
From the very first day of admission, a Psychiatric Social Worker evaluates the patient's eventual aftercare needs and begins disposition planning. Benefit determinations, community resources available, visiting nurse and homecare arrangements, placement in extended care facilities, and family education are services performed by these specialists.

The Nutritionist:
Each patient is evaluated by a Nutritionist experienced in the dietary needs of each population. Optimal dietary regimens are established. In addition, nutritional guidance, food/drug interaction education, and dietary supplement information are offered to patients and their families.

The Activities Therapist:
Our Activities and Recreational Therapists have costructed specialized groups and individualized treatment programs to help the patients recover lost skills and to maximize independent functioning. Cooking, grooming, reality-orientation groups, as well as art, music, and dance therapy are offered on an ongoing and individualized basis.

When necessary, consultations from other branches of medicine, physical therapy, and psychology are performed.



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